That’s My Goalie | Episode 3

My goalie is an old soul. That probably explains why he chose his poison at such an early age. The old man spent days lecturing me about fitting the dogs in my car for a four hour car ride. So happy we were able to get him back to training with Mr. Weller from #NT2DContinue reading “That’s My Goalie | Episode 3”

That’s My Goalie | Episode 2

Hi again humans… Two days in a row. Can you believe it? You know what I can’t believe? How very oblivious some people are… Yes, kind of loaded but I won’t get into it. Today was quite the day. Our birthday-is goalie had a shutout, 5-0, against kids that were a year or two older,Continue reading “That’s My Goalie | Episode 2”

Day 348 | The COVID Chronicles

Can you believe it? A year almost gone by. Around this time last year I was helping with a RIF due to COVID and resort closures… my day came not too long after. That led to one of the absolute coolest periods of my life. Don’t get me wrong, it has been so difficult toContinue reading “Day 348 | The COVID Chronicles”

Day 333 | The COVID Chronicles

What a crazy ride I’ve been on in the last two months! I am happy to report that I started a new job and it has been great! My son is still home learning and the hubby is back at the office full time now. I have a new garden project in the making, andContinue reading “Day 333 | The COVID Chronicles”

Day 266 | The Covid Chronicles

OMG! I can’t believe it’s already the twenty-third. It is nuts how quickly the year has gone by. These last couple of weeks have had me ‘elf’ing, gardening, and making the most of my slow days. I’m cautiously optimistic about 2021; knowing full well that the start of the year will continue to be challenging,Continue reading “Day 266 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 236 | The Covid Chronicles

The weeks are running together. The days are endless but the weeks seem to fly by in a blur. Thanksgiving is upon us with Christmas right around the corner, and it seems that we will be in this random place called the new normal for a while. Another painting complete, some soccer, a red cardContinue reading “Day 236 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 148 | The Covid Chronicles

These lovely storms in the gulf and all the beautiful green in my neighborhood, along with a few gusts early in the day led to almost a full day without power yesterday. Thank the universe for friends and neighbors! I’m driving home and my son is freaking out because of course this would happen onContinue reading “Day 148 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 88 | The Covid Chronicles

Some semblance of normalcy comes in little pockets these days. Yes, the bike rides continue, and this week there have been two more precious moments of “something else.” Tuesday, early morning, I headed to a local beach with my parents and son. We parked a few feet from the sand and enjoyed every minute ofContinue reading “Day 88 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 65 | The Covid Chronicles

Am I the only one out there who forgets that we are not 25 anymore? I’m not ancient by any means… but my body sure has a way of fighting back when, for a split second, I overestimate my physical abilities. I mean seriously, it’s like the day I turned “a certain number” everything startedContinue reading “Day 65 | The Covid Chronicles”