Day 333 | The COVID Chronicles

What a crazy ride I’ve been on in the last two months! I am happy to report that I started a new job and it has been great! My son is still home learning and the hubby is back at the office full time now. I have a new garden project in the making, andContinue reading “Day 333 | The COVID Chronicles”

Day 263 | The Covid Chronicles

My view is lovely. It has taken me three days to accomplish what I would have finished in one five years ago but primping for a wedding during Covid means you are on your own unless you are willing to subject to frivolously sitting in the mani-pedi chair. While I finish the pedi and cleanContinue reading “Day 263 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 233 | The Covid Chronicles

This week was quite the adventure. For the first time since this nonsense [#2020] began, I realized how desperate people are getting with this pandemic. On Tuesday, my Instacart shopper shopped, added to, then proceeded to steal my groceries. Figuring he needed it more than I did, and at the end of the day theyContinue reading “Day 233 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 82 | The Covid Chronicles

What is happening in this crazy little world of ours? Thank goodness that I can always find some beauty in my garden. Were it not for the babies, be it the real one, the fur ones, or the green ones, I may not have made it through this merry mess. And of course the amazingContinue reading “Day 82 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 72 | The Covid Chronicles

Interesting times we are living through… Change, as uncomfortable as it may be some times, is always something I have looked upon from a positive place. My process is simple, go inside for a while – both physically and otherwise, take some time to process, come out with a plan and renewed energy. With theContinue reading “Day 72 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 65 | The Covid Chronicles

Am I the only one out there who forgets that we are not 25 anymore? I’m not ancient by any means… but my body sure has a way of fighting back when, for a split second, I overestimate my physical abilities. I mean seriously, it’s like the day I turned “a certain number” everything startedContinue reading “Day 65 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 44 | The Covid Chronicles

The almost perfect day started with an outing – gasp! – yes… an outing. I have to say it was the coolest outing I have had in months… There is a little plant nursery down in Homestead that mainly has shrubs and ornamentals, from what we observed and based on our limited plant knowledge, thatContinue reading “Day 44 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 35 | The Covid Chronicles

Day 1 of kitchen cabinets project and my husband has not kicked me out of the house yet. That’s a good sign considering the house smelled of vinegar and the doors and drawers are without knobs. I expect the situation will get precarious once the sanding begins… not sure what I got myself into, butContinue reading “Day 35 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 33 | The Covid Chronicles

The Covid Crazy continues with a redo of our back garden and some succulent baby-making, including countless trips up and down a ladder to trim our clusias. OMG! I am so sore from yesterday I am worried about tomorrow – the second day is always worse. It feels good to accomplish as much as weContinue reading “Day 33 | The Covid Chronicles”