Day 148 | The Covid Chronicles

These lovely storms in the gulf and all the beautiful green in my neighborhood, along with a few gusts early in the day led to almost a full day without power yesterday. Thank the universe for friends and neighbors! I’m driving home and my son is freaking out because of course this would happen on the first day of virtual school. Thankfully the creature persevered. At some point his phone ran out of battery which led him to find an alternative just a three minute walk from the house. The only issue was that he forgot to mention it to me, so when I got home looking for him he was no where to be found. I swear if he had not picked up his phone when I called he would have lost a good patch of hair in the battle! Fortunately he survived his first day of online eighth grade.

I made it across the alley without incident. The alley can be scary during a storm, but was blessed with clear skies until I got close to home. FPL spend the day on my block trying to get our power back up, and were able to do so close to seven – thank goodness. Even with all the windows open the heat in this old house was stifling.

Thankful for a lovely weekend on the coast and some AC before bedtime. Now back to the grind… House is a merry mess and the miserable unemployment site awaits. Ugh!

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