Day 348 | The COVID Chronicles

Can you believe it? A year almost gone by. Around this time last year I was helping with a RIF due to COVID and resort closures… my day came not too long after. That led to one of the absolute coolest periods of my life. Don’t get me wrong, it has been so difficult toContinue reading “Day 348 | The COVID Chronicles”

Day 90 | The COVID Chronicles

Yesterday I has another little “my heart is full” moment. Just sitting in the car with the creature on our way to his tryout – quiet, nervous, excited… these moments on our car rides have always been some of my favorite. The rides are often long, usually stressful – South Florida traffic is ridiculous atContinue reading “Day 90 | The COVID Chronicles”

Day 21 | The Covid Chronicles

Every Tuesday is my early day. Or at least it has been for three weeks now. Five AM was about the only time to get through the blundering mess that is our reemployment assistance website with multiple crashes before successfully submitting a claim. I learned that little trick the hard way, after spending almost fiveContinue reading “Day 21 | The Covid Chronicles”