Day 88 | The Covid Chronicles

Some semblance of normalcy comes in little pockets these days. Yes, the bike rides continue, and this week there have been two more precious moments of “something else.” Tuesday, early morning, I headed to a local beach with my parents and son. We parked a few feet from the sand and enjoyed every minute of our two hours there. Masks on for the walk to the shore, and on the way back – brutal in our Florida summer, but well worth it. The water was great and there was almost no one around. One couple a good 20 yards away and a small group of folks over 40 yards away. It was as close to perfect as it gets considering the state of things.

Our numbers keep going up, and we have now had a couple of days of over 5000 Covid cases a day. It’s alarming. And while I support the peaceful protest that have occurred across the country, I worry about all those individuals piled up together, many of them who were not wearing masks – thus spreading this mess even further. Needless to say I continue in the world of the un/underemployed and waiting to see how it all plays out. Meanwhile, I find it ridiculous that many of our politicians are taking such a lax approach on facial coverings and other safety matters.

Oh! I almost forgot. My second “almost normal” moment was this week. I had a couple of glorious hours in the heat, watching my son’s modified tryout. The creature is a goalie – by choice. Leave it to my kid to pick the hardest job on the field… I am happy that he was able to attend, and not entirely freaked out upon seeing the measures taken by the club. Temperature checks, facemarks, small teams and many coaches along with reminders to the kids to keep their distance. So, I pulled my chair under a tree, did my nails while I watched, and thoroughly enjoyed the smell of nail polish and and fresh cut grass.

Yes, I know, enjoying the fresh cut grass smell is not too crazy but nail polish? Smells and songs will always take me back to a smell or time I loved. In this case, it was Saturday mornings playing in the yard while my grandpa or dad cut the grass, and nail polish reminds me of the smell of my mom’s salon when I was younger. There was nothing better than spending the day there helping out while listening to all of the clients reminiscing of their childhoods or country or the latest adventures of their kids or grandkids. So yes, fresh cut grass, nail polish, and a morning out but socially distanced was just what the doctor ordered. Stay safe and sane fellow humans.

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