Day 65 | The Covid Chronicles

Am I the only one out there who forgets that we are not 25 anymore? I’m not ancient by any means… but my body sure has a way of fighting back when, for a split second, I overestimate my physical abilities. I mean seriously, it’s like the day I turned “a certain number” everything started creaking and cracking. What is up with that?

The funnier part is that I am probably in a better physical place than I have been in years. For two months now, seldom a day goes by that I don’t move in some way or another. It’s either a nice walk, my yoga, or a good long bike ride with the kiddo. And suddenly, while working on one of my sanity projects my back goes on the fritz. What’s crazy is that at no point did I feel the pain while I was moving mulch bags around. Not once.

The minute I sit on my living room floor for a bit to watch TV – don’t ask, I tend to find a happy spot on the floor on the regular – and decide to get up, bam! I can’t move. My whole left side is in a serious spasm. And you would think the pain was enough to make a girl cry, but leave it to me to laugh hysterically – tears and all – through the pain as my husband tried to help me up. What a mission. Thankfully today I can move once someone tows me out of bed, albeit with a good amount of pain.

D got sent home early today. He works in downtown Miami and they wanted to clear the building early in case protesters got rowdy again. The discourse is interesting, and it’s been difficult to see the perspective of some of my lifelong friends and acquaintances; however, I do believe they probably say the same about me. Yesterday D said to me, “watch what you post as you never know who’s looking.” I guess that is why so many people keep their thoughts to themselves. I think one of my old kiddos from healthcare said it best: “I want to hear all of it. Let’s have a discussion, disagree, and love each other anyway.” If we don’t have the difficult conversations, the difficult interactions, sometimes even the extreme displays of frustration, anger, and hurt, how will we ever get anywhere? I hate to see the violence, I hate that people are getting hurt, I hate that some feel that is the only way to be heard or make a point, I hate that flat out trouble-makers are aggravating already bad situations, but in the end… I get it.

#toooldformulch #sadatthestateoftheworld #prayingforpeace #prayingforjustice #disgustedwiththedividerinchief

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