Day 64 | The Covid Chronicles

Sad day in our country yesterday… Happy day in my little town. My creature – the human – is officially a teenager. Despite the insanity going on around us we were able to make it a good quarantine birthday thanks to my husband’s amazing family and a few of my sisters from other misters. Our day started with a bike ride where Lu had an opportunity to use his new wheels. I will tell you that my inner child has a little bit of bike envy.

Some pool time, watching the rocket launch, and some football in the street rounded out our afternoon and then we actually surprised the creature with a birthday parade. The family did a couple of rounds, stopped for cake, and Luca got to spend some time with the cousins in a somewhat socially distanced gathering in the front of the house.

The day rounded out with another dip in the pool to finish off a lovely day. Saddened by what is happening in the world, in our country, and recognizing that we are beyond blessed. We were worried about the quarantine birthday but the creature confirmed that we did well. Beyond grateful for our amazing family…

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