Day 72 | The Covid Chronicles

Interesting times we are living through… Change, as uncomfortable as it may be some times, is always something I have looked upon from a positive place. My process is simple, go inside for a while – both physically and otherwise, take some time to process, come out with a plan and renewed energy. With the pandemic, my tried and true approach worked well. I have finished some major (for me) home projects, benefited from some much needed down-time, enjoyed my family time and bike rides, etc. I’m not ready to come out physically yet – I expect another spike sooner than the fall considering how people have let their guards down. By the same token, I feel strongly that many of the demonstrations will certainly yield some positive change. I still worry for the lives that will be lost – both due to this pandemic and to the violence that I have recently seen in the news.

On the job front there is nothing of material substance, although a contract gig is helping me feel involved with helping others. I’m assisting folks on the west coast obtain their COVID19 test results online. It’s nice to share in the good news for those whose results are negative, and offer a shoulder for those whose results are positive. It also take a few hours of my day, each day, where I am being productive. Bonus: my teenage creature gets some time alone. Still no word from my employer. Most of what I “hear” I am reading online thanks to our very proactive marketing team.

On the house front my front garden is finished! At least until I find the next plant or flower or shrub that I must buy/propogate/adopt from my dad’s leftovers. It took a nasty back injury, a week of rest, and three grueling mornings to finish but I expect in a few weeks, once some of my cuttings and adopted bits take root, it will be lovely. Even my husband complimented it yesterday – in his own special way… “Wow, the house doesn’t look totally abandoned anymore”. Now to decide which project is next; do I drive him crazy and start resurfacing my kitchen counters, or do I dive into tearing apart the keystone from my front porch? Decisions, decisions…

On a more serious note, and with the best of intentions, last week I stated that all lives matter. As I read more, did more research, and spent some time contemplating current events with my family and friends, I realize what I should have said was Black Lives Matter. My well intentioned statement sounded insensitive, which truly was the opposite of my intent. I am glad to see the passion behind this movement and pray that we will all see positive change resulting from the bravery and efforts of so many.

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