That’s My Goalie | Episode 2

Hi again humans… Two days in a row. Can you believe it? You know what I can’t believe? How very oblivious some people are… Yes, kind of loaded but I won’t get into it.

Today was quite the day. Our birthday-is goalie had a shutout, 5-0, against kids that were a year or two older, and one loss 3-0 – which included a hell of a penalty kick save on his part. So proud. I’m embarrassed by how poorly my fellow humans on the other side of the field behaved. We have 13-14 year olds, playing against 15-16 year olds, and a bunch of so called adults were celebrating like they just won the World Cup. A team that should have been playing gold division, was playing silver – one of our parents said it best – “trophy hunting,” and they were dancing on the sidelines at the first goal. Are you kidding me?

And don’t even get me started on the refs. Those kids were eating is up, but the refs would not give us a single call. Ridiculous. I know it’s a shit job, between the kids mouthing off and the parents being jerks, I wouldn’t want it for the world – but I swear sometimes they do it to themselves. So sad. Worst part is that when you have incompetent refs, you can always count on kids getting hurt. Our other goalie had eleven stitches last weekend and my poor kid had to jump in on a PK. Blind ref to thank for that…

Anyways, super happy with our house and hosts. Super happy with another soccer weekend. And blessed all the way around.

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