Day 266 | The Covid Chronicles

OMG! I can’t believe it’s already the twenty-third. It is nuts how quickly the year has gone by. These last couple of weeks have had me ‘elf’ing, gardening, and making the most of my slow days. I’m cautiously optimistic about 2021; knowing full well that the start of the year will continue to be challenging,Continue reading “Day 266 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 94 | The Covid Chronicles

The wheel keeps on turning and the days are long but the weeks seem to go by in a flash. It has been over three months already and we continue in this perpetual hamster wheel. I am looking forward to my weekly outing – weather permitting a crazy early visit to the beach tomorrow. SeeingContinue reading “Day 94 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 90 | The COVID Chronicles

Yesterday I has another little “my heart is full” moment. Just sitting in the car with the creature on our way to his tryout – quiet, nervous, excited… these moments on our car rides have always been some of my favorite. The rides are often long, usually stressful – South Florida traffic is ridiculous atContinue reading “Day 90 | The COVID Chronicles”

Day 58 | The Covid Chronicles

OMG! The weather is sooooooo NOT cooperating with me right now. My succulents are drowning, The weather has been absolutely miserable. It’s been raining for days – significantly interfering with my walks, bike rides, and gardening! There’s only so much baking a person can do. By the looks of it, there is four more daysContinue reading “Day 58 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 30 | The Covid Chronicles

Today makes 30 days since I was laid off from my job. Happy month-aversary to all my colleagues who were in the same boat during the days leading up to my ‘see you later’ date. I will never forget the look on my boss’s face. I had seen it coming for at least a weekContinue reading “Day 30 | The Covid Chronicles”