Day 96 | The Covid Chronicles

Another day, another bike ride. Another challenge to find creative ways to keep a “too cool” thirteen year old entertained for some part of the day – without the evil spawn that is the Xbox. I know, I can disconnect it and put it in the attic, but really… what the hell else is he going to do? I know, I have VERY SMALL problems if the only thing I’m worrying about today is the Xbox. I will find something to kill at least two hours of his day. But OMG… We have chores and books to read, summer assignments to finish, gardening and small projects around the house. Blessed to have a pool to play in when things get sketchy. By the looks of it this is going to last a long, long time. Thank goodness we are all well and have a home to enjoy through all this. #stillblessed #teenagers #anotherday

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