That’s My Goalie | Episode 3

My goalie is an old soul. That probably explains why he chose his poison at such an early age. The old man spent days lecturing me about fitting the dogs in my car for a four hour car ride. So happy we were able to get him back to training with Mr. Weller from #NT2D this week. It has been too long due to his club schedule!

They. fit. just. fine.

We made it. Traffic, rain where you couldn’t see ten feet in front of you. Close quarters. But it was cool. We made it. When we got to the coast and opened the windows the dog slobber indicated the level of joy they felt at being on the road with us.

My fur babies are 9-ish, and almost three. They are gentle giants. They have been depressed for two days – since the moment they saw the suitcases come out. It’s not often that they get to come along, because finding pet-friendly places for the family is not always easy. But this time we overpaid for a property so we could bring the folks and the furs. So, after the first hour of being overjoyed at being with us, they finally settled. The real child – aka old soul/goalie – was the one having the issues (not really) because he couldn’t recline his carseat. Yes, I know. Only child problems. But WE MADE IT. We got an injured mom up the stairs, the puppies situated, dinner delivered, and groceries on the way in the morning.

All of this as we sit and enjoy the Copa America – Brazil / Peru game on the tele. Thank the goddess for family/birthday vacations.

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