Day 105 | The Covid Chronicles

Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on in our world? Or at least in our country? It feels like we have entered the twilight zone! Cheers to all the folks who took the time to piss off the divider-in-chief, all in with #boycottgoya, and a question: is his puppet #rondesantis serious about insisting our schools open considering what Florida numbers are looking like these days. The rush to reopen clearly landed us here.

And for just another breath, how ridiculous are those who claim wearing a mask is a violation of their rights? Idiots!!! Don’t they put on a seatbelt when they get in the car, shutter windows when a hurricane is coming, put their babies safely in a car seat or stroller, make their kids wear a helmet when they ride a bike. Stop being ridiculous!!! People are dying.

I am at a loss for words…

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