Day 111 | The Covid Chronicles

I find the term covidiots pretty entertaining. I’m baffled by how many covidiots are out there. We still have people bitching about having to wear a mask in public and I just don’t get it. We put seatbelts on in cars, we shutter our homes when a hurricane is coming, we put bike helmets on when we ride, but we refuse to wear a mask? Meanwhile, our sad excuse for a president doesn’t have time to address this health crisis but he can pose for a picture promoting canned beans? He can let felons out of prison because of the dangers of the disease but is demanding that our schools open up and expecting us to send our children there? Put our teachers and administrators, our children and their families at risk? Oh! And my favorite, he wants to take over the numbers now too. I’m sure that will all be “great” and we will be “doing just wonderful things” in no time.

I just don’t get it. November can’t come soon enough…

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