Day 43 | The Covid Chronicles

One of my favorite things to do is sit on my porch or deck at first light. My neighborhood is lush with green and the music when it’s quiet is amazing. Its source is countless species of birds calling at daybreak and without the usual noise pollution from cars, planes, etc., it is lovely.

Before this crazy little pandemic you would often see bird-watchers with their panama hats, walking shoes, and binoculars in tow. It really was quite the sight being that my little town is far from a “tourist” mecca. I say it’s one of the last small towns left in south Florida, yet it is no more than 15 minutes away from anywhere you’d like to go – with the Florida Keys being the major exception.

A few weeks ago I was admiring these cute little yellow and orange guys who were playing in my front lawn and after a bit of research learned that they were ‘warblers’ (I don’t remember which kind specifically) and were probably just passing through. It turns out that Florida is a stopping point for many different species as they embark on their migrations. That must be why my morning soundtrack was especially lovely this morning… #happyfriday #birdmusic #firstlight #blessedathome #stillsomewhatstircrazy

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