Day 44 | The Covid Chronicles

The almost perfect day started with an outing – gasp! – yes… an outing. I have to say it was the coolest outing I have had in months… There is a little plant nursery down in Homestead that mainly has shrubs and ornamentals, from what we observed and based on our limited plant knowledge, that was the ideal respite from being cooped up.

We drove about a half hour from our home, donned our masks, and jumped on a golf cart with a rack affixed to the back of it. The place has golf carts to ride throughout their acreage conveniently equipped with a rack in the back where you load the plants you’d like to purchase. Once finished, you ride out to the entrance again, where someone helps load the car while they ring you up. The bonus, they were very economically priced.

The young lady who was helping us even went back in to replace a few plants for us that she noticed were not as rooted as others that were less accessible in their stock (due to collected water that was a bit higher than we had expected. By the same token, she saved us a few dollars because the more viable options were also in smaller pots, therefore less expensive. Had we made the same purchase at a retail/home improvement place we would have spent over three times as much as we spent at JM.

Thanks to my boys for the perfect pre-mother’s day outing and presents. Can’t wait to keep adding to our front garden!

#gardensrock #golfcartfun #plantnurserytherapy #greatpremothersday

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