Day 42 | The Covid Chronicles

My schedule went out the window, as did my writing, for a few days. Without it, and having completed the kitchen overhaul, I find myself at the point of slightly stir-crazy. I love the time with my kiddo. I love that we are home and safe. I hate the thought of this “new normal” being the state of affairs for the next year or more – or however long it will be. The face coverings present a challenge for me, and while I wear them faithfully on the random occasion I have to go out, they are so aggravating.

I went for a drive last week to see a friend from a distance. That was lovely. I finished painting the cabinets. I planted scallions and garlic and peppers and tomatoes. Now I wait. Got some more seeds for flowers, but ran out of soil. That’s today’s mission. Keeping up with friends regularly. Made an outing to the golf course at sunset yesterday – what a gorgeous moon! Studying for an exam I realize I have no desire to take… Blessed and thankful. Stir-crazy nonetheless…

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