That’s My Goalie | Episode 1

Hi humans! It’s been a while… hope life has been as kind as possible since we last connected. I’ve decided I am over COVID. After being vaccinated, starting to venture out armed with my mask and hand sanitizer, I am still worried as hell because – Florida. Need I say more?

So, the goalie adventures have kept me sane. That along with work and paint by numbers. Thank the universe for delivery services and discounts! We have been on a whirlwind soccer tour in the last few months, excitingly leading to my son’s team playing in Nationals in July. I am so very proud of him. As you may know, he picked the hardest job on the field. But more about that later. Today it’s more about the journey. This weekend’s tournament was a bit of a cluster f*%@! We registered, booked lodgings, and found out later that the team wasn’t accepted because “they were too good” and it wouldn’t be fair to the others. After selling it as a super elite tournament, they backtracked but the money and resources have been allocated so we are committed.

I had booked a cool old house in downtown Sarasota, and as soon as I found out the tourney was off I cancelled it – otherwise I would have lost all of my money. Then two days later we hear “hey, it’s back on, we just have to play a year up.” Needless to say, summer time in Florida, close to either coast is way hard to book, unless you feel like staying in a landlocked hotel close to the interstate. So once again my search began and I landed a little cottage about ten minutes away from downtown. We are farther from the fields, but close to the interstate so it’s a wash. I was worried that the place was too small, because we are bringing the grandparents this weekend, but I have to say I am so pleasantly surprised.

The Canopy Cottage is filled with love, which hits you the minute you walk in the door. It is small, but tidy and filled with everything you could possibly need. The owners were here to greet us and they were just lovely. It’s the type of hospitality that I used to get back in the day when VRBO and AirBNB started taking off in the short-term rental market, and lost in recent years as more and more management companies are fronting for the owners. We were even greeted with a lovely bottle of wine, perfect for the season. It’s in an older part of town, but a little slice of heaven enclosed by a wood privacy fence. I highly recommend it, as it is close to the beaches, the interstate, downtown, and a ton of restaurants and shops nearby.

Anyways, I think I may be rambling just a bit. I did want to share the bit of joy I found today, being that while the universe blessed us with a wonderful ride across the state, it was tough for other reasons. Have a safe and happy weekend humans. I’ll let you know how the boys fare against the older kids soon. And stay tuned for more momming, adulting, and soccering adventures soon. Sorry I was away for so long. Did I tell you we got paddle-boards?!?!

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