Day 280 | The Covid Chronicles

Flabbergasted… That’s the first word that came to mind when I realized what was going on. I am not a TV person so if I had not been picking up my car from service, I would not have seen the news. There are so many other words that are so much more fitting for what I have seen today. It’s embarrassing and frightening and a million other terrible feelings all wrapped into one. An insurrection, incited by the current clown we have as our president. Goodness gracious, January 20th can not come soon enough.

I think about so many of my friends and family members who left a country where a dictator wrecked their existence, who in turn voted for and believe in this man’s rhetoric – the conspiracy theories, the lies, the insanity – it’s astounding to me… Especially after what has happened today. That they don’t see some terrifying parallels is astounding. The fact that a [supposed] principle world leader called for this nonsense, and continues to spew lies and hate is deplorable. I hope and pray that our congressional leaders step up and work to stop this nonsense.

#sadexcuseforapresident #stoptheinsanity #getridofhim #suchasadday #letsgetridofhim #protectourdemocracy #letsmoveforward

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