Day 275 | The Covid Chronicles

Happy new year fellow humans and cheers to 2021. For some strange reason I have always looked more fondly on odds than evens when it comes to New Years, so I am starting this year cautiously optimistic. There is one minor glitch in my matrix though… the plot has thickened.

I have been an advocate of the stay home, keep your distance, wear your mask party since this nonsense started. I too have quarantine fatigue so I have started to venture out a bit more in the last few weeks. Partly to stay sane, and partly to take care of necessities. There was one exception, an outing to celebrate with my family for my cousin’s wedding two weeks ago. It was lovely, mostly outside, and very well carried out from a distance perspective – minus the dance floor – but we were all due a little fun after an insane year.

For me the year finished with some great news, and some really shitty news too. Great news is coming soon. Shitty news: my family has been hit by this stupid virus. My parents, aunt and uncle, and cousins have all managed to catch the beast. Super worried about the old folks as they all have a lovely cocktail of pre-existing conditions that could potentially complicate things. Angry at my mom because I’m pretty certain she and my aunt caught it at work and brought it home to their boys. Even angrier because I know she wasn’t doing the mask thing as she should have. When I reflect on it all, I am more worried than angry because I have zero control (or even influence) over this little situation.

Nonetheless, I am excited for a new year. I know it will not be an easy one. I know I will likely continue to miss things like fancy dinners out, concerts, and movies for some time yet. Still excited for a new beginning or two. Stay safe fellow humans. Wishing all the best of health, and love, and joy and safety to all in the coming year. Please #wearyourmask and #keepyourdistance. It’s not about fear or freedom or any of that… it’s about keeping yourself and others safe around you. It’s about hoping that between some good behaviors, the vaccine, and greater awareness we can all finish 2021 much better than we did 2020.

#wearyourmask #keepyourdistance #stillblessedandthankful

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