Day 262 | The Covid Chronicles

This week I had the loveliest of surprises from a fairly new friend. My father in law is one that always says – according to his son – that no good deed goes unpunished. While I have lived through a few moments in life that underscore that truth, there have also been a million others that invalidate it. As many of you know the job hunt for many of those affected by COVID has been a bit brutal. With a flooded market and so much uncertainty of what comes next, I am absolutely not surprised…

Long story short, I pointed a recruiter in the direction of a wonderful young lady I had a chance to work with at my last employer, and needless to say she got the job! I know she will be an amazing asset to that organization and look forward to watching her grow in her career in the learning world… Anyways, she went out of her way and made me the most beautiful basket, complete with roses and sunflowers, an amazing bottle of wine, and a gift card to Lowes. It was WAY TOO MUCH but so very much appreciated!!!! Keep doing good out there folks, keep helping others and lifting others up whenever you can. God and the universe know this world needs it. Blessed and grateful!!! Stay safe everyone.

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