Day 261 | The Covid Chronicles

The numbers continue to be a shitshow folks… But I’m stating the obvious. Today was a good, albeit stressful, day! So, I ordered a very pretty dress on Amazon for my aunt, the mother of the groom, which was supposed to arrive two days ago. I finally got some tracking information and it’s somewhere in Orlando. Needless to say I don’t expect it to be here on time. So this morning I was on a mission. I donned my mask and gloves, packed my purse with sanitizer, spray, and wipes – better safe than sorry! – and hit the road.

Well, three hours, three malls (thankfully mostly empty) and eleven stores later I scored the right dress for my tia. Whomever knocks Hialeah can kiss my right elbow!!! I should have started in my old hometown to begin with. I got her a lovely dress, at half the cost of the original one, and was able to deliver it to her in time for the festivities. Yes, another stressful occasion but these poor kids have already postponed it twice! Anyways, super happy that mission was successfully accomplished. Now I just hope that what I have in my closet does the job because I am NOT going shopping again. It still amazes me that so many people refuse to #keepyourdistance and #wearyourmask.

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