Day 51 | The Covid Chronicles

Another Monday at home in the books. My friend said it best yesterday, the days are long but the weeks go by so quickly. I can’t believe the month is almost at its end. My kiddo has a milestone birthday coming up, and he is bummed that he will be stuck at home for it.Continue reading “Day 51 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 34 | The Covid Chronicles

Amazed at the fact that it has been this long and my son and I haven’t killed each other yet. I have to say, I have very much enjoyed hanging out with him this month. Some very much needed time for us. Today a new member of the tribe entered our stratosphere for about aContinue reading “Day 34 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 31 | The Covid Chronicles

Today was a free day. A social distance bike ride with a friend got me out of the house for a while as well as some amazing croquetas and pastelitos… thank my lucky stars that Bella Bakery is open for take out. The creature reconnected to the matrix after school and our daily bike rideContinue reading “Day 31 | The Covid Chronicles”

Week 4 | The Covid Chronicles

How crazy is this world we are living in today? I’ve been news detoxing for a while… limiting myself to a couple of written pieces in the mornings, and not paying attention to much more than the weather. After three weeks of being glued to tickers and updates, it was time to cut it off.Continue reading “Week 4 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 13 | The Covid Chronicles

Today I am in need of my favorite place, which just so happens to be closed across the state (mostly, last I checked). This is around the time of year that any decent south Floridian is waiting for anything over 70 degree weather to head east and enjoy our amazing beaches. Yes #snowbirds, I know,Continue reading “Day 13 | The Covid Chronicles”