Day 192 | The Covid Chronicles

Day 192. I absolutely never thought that we would go this far into this madness when I started this. I totally expected to have an opportunity to think out loud for a couple of months then end up back at work, at an amazing place with a very cool group of people. Yet here weContinue reading “Day 192 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 176 | The Covid Chronicles

Fall has made a sneak attack on South Florida. The air is dryer, the temperatures almost bearable in the mornings and late afternoons, and there is a breeze – albeit warm – making the palm trees sway in the wind. The sunsets haven’t changed from the bright magentas of summer to the burnt oranges thatContinue reading “Day 176 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 168 | The Covid Chronicles

As I sit at my dining room table, having left the comfort of the home office in hopes that my kid would have a better setting to do his online school, I am thinking I may have made a mistake. He is supposed to be actively in class right now, but I hear him singingContinue reading “Day 168 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 156 | The Covid Chronicles

Never did I ever… Expect to see so much hate rampant in our country with an inept leader at the helm. Think I would be praying daily for transparency in an upcoming election. Expect that this blog would still be going into day 156. Think I would survive this new routine involving endless dishes, loadsContinue reading “Day 156 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 51 | The Covid Chronicles

Another Monday at home in the books. My friend said it best yesterday, the days are long but the weeks go by so quickly. I can’t believe the month is almost at its end. My kiddo has a milestone birthday coming up, and he is bummed that he will be stuck at home for it.Continue reading “Day 51 | The Covid Chronicles”