Here to Help

Strange times call for new endeavors…

As a displaced HR professional I know it’s not always easy being a grown up. Just when you have your groove on, the world shifts and you are forced into a new adventure in adulting. I am happy to be here to help.

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Career Insights

Resume reviews, interview preparation, talent or individual career concerns… We can help with some of the basics thanks to a long and strong career in Human Resources. Contact us for any of the services noted above, or just to obtain some insight on an employment challenge you are facing. Mama305@work is here to help.

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Coaching the Coaches

Leaders often face many challenges in connecting with, motivating, and engaging their staff. Let us take a stab at offering a different perspective on your situation or challenge. Sometimes it takes an objective third party to lend some insight into a people challenge and we are great at looking at things through a different lens.

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Design and Communications

With over twenty years in designing and delivering professional and leadership development programs, we can help with the smallest to the largest task. Policies, internal communications, learning infrastructure consulting, or simply resource recommendations are just a few of the services we can offer in this space. Be prepared with the business issue or strategic objective you are looking to support and we can guide you or simply deliver the final product. Learning and engagement program management is in our sweet spot!

To live will be an awfully big adventure…

-Peter Pan

Let’s go!

Due to our #newnormal we are offering free or discounted pricing on many of the services we provide for those who were directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please reach out with your request and we can discuss the best approach to fit your needs and current situation.

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