Day 33 | The Covid Chronicles

The Covid Crazy continues with a redo of our back garden and some succulent baby-making, including countless trips up and down a ladder to trim our clusias. OMG! I am so sore from yesterday I am worried about tomorrow – the second day is always worse. It feels good to accomplish as much as weContinue reading “Day 33 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 31 | The Covid Chronicles

Today was a free day. A social distance bike ride with a friend got me out of the house for a while as well as some amazing croquetas and pastelitos… thank my lucky stars that Bella Bakery is open for take out. The creature reconnected to the matrix after school and our daily bike rideContinue reading “Day 31 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 30 | The Covid Chronicles

Today makes 30 days since I was laid off from my job. Happy month-aversary to all my colleagues who were in the same boat during the days leading up to my ‘see you later’ date. I will never forget the look on my boss’s face. I had seen it coming for at least a weekContinue reading “Day 30 | The Covid Chronicles”

Week 4 | The Covid Chronicles

How crazy is this world we are living in today? I’ve been news detoxing for a while… limiting myself to a couple of written pieces in the mornings, and not paying attention to much more than the weather. After three weeks of being glued to tickers and updates, it was time to cut it off.Continue reading “Week 4 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 21 | The Covid Chronicles

Every Tuesday is my early day. Or at least it has been for three weeks now. Five AM was about the only time to get through the blundering mess that is our reemployment assistance website with multiple crashes before successfully submitting a claim. I learned that little trick the hard way, after spending almost fiveContinue reading “Day 21 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 17 | The Covid Chronicles

Barely ten AM and I’ve gotten everything on my list done. I guess it’s time to update the list. I appreciate the slower pace of life, my often annoying twelve year old, the morning orders [requests] send without a good morning via text – you know who you are, and the ability to do somethingContinue reading “Day 17 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 16 | The Covid Chronicles

He almost lost a patch of hair yesterday for mouthing off, and this morning started with a full on mini-war when he was instructed to leave the office door open while he did his schooling for the day. The Xbox is gone for the week, and my next effort will be figuring out a wayContinue reading “Day 16 | The Covid Chronicles”