Day 46 | The Covid Chronicles

Another day in paradise. Woke up, as usual, and read a bit of the news and I must say – humans can be ridiculous. I understand we are all doing our best at this adulting business, but really? I read of a man throwing things at a cashier, another wiping snot on a person whenContinue reading “Day 46 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 44 | The Covid Chronicles

The almost perfect day started with an outing – gasp! – yes… an outing. I have to say it was the coolest outing I have had in months… There is a little plant nursery down in Homestead that mainly has shrubs and ornamentals, from what we observed and based on our limited plant knowledge, thatContinue reading “Day 44 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 43 | The Covid Chronicles

One of my favorite things to do is sit on my porch or deck at first light. My neighborhood is lush with green and the music when it’s quiet is amazing. Its source is countless species of birds calling at daybreak and without the usual noise pollution from cars, planes, etc., it is lovely. BeforeContinue reading “Day 43 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 35 | The Covid Chronicles

Day 1 of kitchen cabinets project and my husband has not kicked me out of the house yet. That’s a good sign considering the house smelled of vinegar and the doors and drawers are without knobs. I expect the situation will get precarious once the sanding begins… not sure what I got myself into, butContinue reading “Day 35 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 34 | The Covid Chronicles

Amazed at the fact that it has been this long and my son and I haven’t killed each other yet. I have to say, I have very much enjoyed hanging out with him this month. Some very much needed time for us. Today a new member of the tribe entered our stratosphere for about aContinue reading “Day 34 | The Covid Chronicles”