Day 89 | The Covid Chronicles

Never have I seen such an overwhelmingly incompetent person in a leadership role. How can any logical human make light of a global pandemic and represent such ignorance and defiance when it comes to safety measures? It is astounding. It is depressing. It is no wonder that so many states are seeing a rise inContinue reading “Day 89 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 88 | The Covid Chronicles

Some semblance of normalcy comes in little pockets these days. Yes, the bike rides continue, and this week there have been two more precious moments of “something else.” Tuesday, early morning, I headed to a local beach with my parents and son. We parked a few feet from the sand and enjoyed every minute ofContinue reading “Day 88 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 82 | The Covid Chronicles

What is happening in this crazy little world of ours? Thank goodness that I can always find some beauty in my garden. Were it not for the babies, be it the real one, the fur ones, or the green ones, I may not have made it through this merry mess. And of course the amazingContinue reading “Day 82 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 72 | The Covid Chronicles

Interesting times we are living through… Change, as uncomfortable as it may be some times, is always something I have looked upon from a positive place. My process is simple, go inside for a while – both physically and otherwise, take some time to process, come out with a plan and renewed energy. With theContinue reading “Day 72 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 65 | The Covid Chronicles

Am I the only one out there who forgets that we are not 25 anymore? I’m not ancient by any means… but my body sure has a way of fighting back when, for a split second, I overestimate my physical abilities. I mean seriously, it’s like the day I turned “a certain number” everything startedContinue reading “Day 65 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 64 | The Covid Chronicles

Sad day in our country yesterday… Happy day in my little town. My creature – the human – is officially a teenager. Despite the insanity going on around us we were able to make it a good quarantine birthday thanks to my husband’s amazing family and a few of my sisters from other misters. OurContinue reading “Day 64 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 63 | The Covid Chronicles

What the flying f&%@ is going on in this crazy world of ours. Today I was brought to tears by the news and the powerful message shared by Atlanta’s mayor regarding all the horrible things happening in our country right now. I am disgusted by the orange orangutan and his deplorable behavior in the lastContinue reading “Day 63 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 58 | The Covid Chronicles

OMG! The weather is sooooooo NOT cooperating with me right now. My succulents are drowning, The weather has been absolutely miserable. It’s been raining for days – significantly interfering with my walks, bike rides, and gardening! There’s only so much baking a person can do. By the looks of it, there is four more daysContinue reading “Day 58 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 51 | The Covid Chronicles

Another Monday at home in the books. My friend said it best yesterday, the days are long but the weeks go by so quickly. I can’t believe the month is almost at its end. My kiddo has a milestone birthday coming up, and he is bummed that he will be stuck at home for it.Continue reading “Day 51 | The Covid Chronicles”