Day 156 | The Covid Chronicles

Never did I ever… Expect to see so much hate rampant in our country with an inept leader at the helm. Think I would be praying daily for transparency in an upcoming election. Expect that this blog would still be going into day 156. Think I would survive this new routine involving endless dishes, loadsContinue reading “Day 156 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 148 | The Covid Chronicles

These lovely storms in the gulf and all the beautiful green in my neighborhood, along with a few gusts early in the day led to almost a full day without power yesterday. Thank the universe for friends and neighbors! I’m driving home and my son is freaking out because of course this would happen onContinue reading “Day 148 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 94 | The Covid Chronicles

The wheel keeps on turning and the days are long but the weeks seem to go by in a flash. It has been over three months already and we continue in this perpetual hamster wheel. I am looking forward to my weekly outing – weather permitting a crazy early visit to the beach tomorrow. SeeingContinue reading “Day 94 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 90 | The COVID Chronicles

Yesterday I has another little “my heart is full” moment. Just sitting in the car with the creature on our way to his tryout – quiet, nervous, excited… these moments on our car rides have always been some of my favorite. The rides are often long, usually stressful – South Florida traffic is ridiculous atContinue reading “Day 90 | The COVID Chronicles”