Day 261 | The Covid Chronicles

The numbers continue to be a shitshow folks… But I’m stating the obvious. Today was a good, albeit stressful, day! So, I ordered a very pretty dress on Amazon for my aunt, the mother of the groom, which was supposed to arrive two days ago. I finally got some tracking information and it’s somewhere inContinue reading “Day 261 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 252 | The Covid Chronicles

Another week buzzes by with numbers increasing, zero leadership as it relates to this pandemic, and more testing due to exposure. Today I’m reflecting on the giant number above… Never did I expect that it would be over two hundred days into this weird reality we call the new normal. It is what it is.Continue reading “Day 252 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 236 | The Covid Chronicles

The weeks are running together. The days are endless but the weeks seem to fly by in a blur. Thanksgiving is upon us with Christmas right around the corner, and it seems that we will be in this random place called the new normal for a while. Another painting complete, some soccer, a red cardContinue reading “Day 236 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 233 | The Covid Chronicles

This week was quite the adventure. For the first time since this nonsense [#2020] began, I realized how desperate people are getting with this pandemic. On Tuesday, my Instacart shopper shopped, added to, then proceeded to steal my groceries. Figuring he needed it more than I did, and at the end of the day theyContinue reading “Day 233 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 225 | The Covid Chronicles

This week has been so bizarre, and it’s only Thursday! Between the day off on Monday due to Eta and the day off yesterday for the holiday, it’s been a series of stops and starts. Bad news was followed by better news, the terrible TV and movie bingeing has me loosing track of what I’mContinue reading “Day 225 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 192 | The Covid Chronicles

Day 192. I absolutely never thought that we would go this far into this madness when I started this. I totally expected to have an opportunity to think out loud for a couple of months then end up back at work, at an amazing place with a very cool group of people. Yet here weContinue reading “Day 192 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 176 | The Covid Chronicles

Fall has made a sneak attack on South Florida. The air is dryer, the temperatures almost bearable in the mornings and late afternoons, and there is a breeze – albeit warm – making the palm trees sway in the wind. The sunsets haven’t changed from the bright magentas of summer to the burnt oranges thatContinue reading “Day 176 | The Covid Chronicles”

Day 168 | The Covid Chronicles

As I sit at my dining room table, having left the comfort of the home office in hopes that my kid would have a better setting to do his online school, I am thinking I may have made a mistake. He is supposed to be actively in class right now, but I hear him singingContinue reading “Day 168 | The Covid Chronicles”