Day 252 | The Covid Chronicles

Another week buzzes by with numbers increasing, zero leadership as it relates to this pandemic, and more testing due to exposure. Today I’m reflecting on the giant number above… Never did I expect that it would be over two hundred days into this weird reality we call the new normal. It is what it is. My husband is testing for the umpteenth time due to exposure at work and I wonder how our world will be impacted once this mess settles. Individuals, unwilling to do something as simple as wear a mask and keep their distance, continue to spread it while numbers are now going beyond the first peak.

If only. It’s easy to say if only. If only we had stayed under lock down a bit longer, if only people weren’t so selfish. If only we had a president that understood science and provided some level of leadership on this mess. If only we had a governor who wasn’t a damned puppet. If only.

So, our plans for today are shot. We are once again on the ‘wait for results’ train that keeps us wondering for at least a day. Depending on those results then perhaps the creature and I will also have to go through testing. It is what it is. I am so over this mess. Still blessed. Still thankful. Wary of this mess we are in and praying that people will get their shit together and do their part. Stay safe fellow humans, and please wear your masks.

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