Day 233 | The Covid Chronicles

This week was quite the adventure. For the first time since this nonsense [#2020] began, I realized how desperate people are getting with this pandemic. On Tuesday, my Instacart shopper shopped, added to, then proceeded to steal my groceries. Figuring he needed it more than I did, and at the end of the day they replaced my order, but holy hell – how much crazier will all of this get?

I’m still job hunting and doing my best to stay sane. As I got out of bed yesterday my husband says “g’morning Chevy.” He was referencing the movie but met have gotten the actor wrong… Little did he know that I myself have been making the Groundhog Day joke for months. It’s up, do something pleasant, work on a project, job hunt, feed my kid, do the dishes, do more dishes, do even more dishes, and call it a day. Oh, and let’s not forget about the constant cleaning, tidying up, and wrangling my thirteen year old. It’s enough to drive a person mad.

I have found some quiet time with my painting (yes, I’m painting by numbers for adults – don’t judge), and back to enjoying my garden now that the weather in Florida is tolerable. I am on a reading hiatus because after over fifty stories in a couple of months my eyes were tired (have I mentioned this getting old shit is for the birds?), and I hope to start writing again soon. Our annual Halloween adventure was cancelled for the first time in 15 years, my in laws have suspended the large thanksgiving gathering that is a main event for the family and many others, and I guess we will see what Christmas brings us this year.

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