Day 225 | The Covid Chronicles

This week has been so bizarre, and it’s only Thursday! Between the day off on Monday due to Eta and the day off yesterday for the holiday, it’s been a series of stops and starts. Bad news was followed by better news, the terrible TV and movie bingeing has me loosing track of what I’m watching and this rain is driving me nuts. I need a little bit of sunshine.

There was actually a snippet of sunshine yesterday. After three failed attempts at fishing, we went to fly kites and had fun, but lost our pirate kite due to wind and an adorable four year old. All in all, it was a good day despite the mishaps. If nothing more we had an opportunity to break the monotony of the every day during the time of Covid. The numbers are nuts again, the orange orangutan continues to behave like a lunatic, and my days continue to run together.

Two thoughts getting me through this week:

  1. The universe has a plan.
  2. Trust the mess.

Happy almost-Friday fellow humans!

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