Day 221 | The Covid Chronicles

In true 2020 form, we now have an up ramp of covid cases and a tropical storm heading our way. Grateful it’s not a hurricane, but so very over it all. The every day that lasts forever, and weeks that move too quickly, are starting to take their tole. I have learned that I am a horrible housewife, great at adult paint by numbers, an avid reader of junk – over sixty books thus far, horrible at being bored, and in dire need of a new and ‘bigger than me’ project. Thank goodness I am ok in my own company when the world is in such a strange place…

I am thrilled that we finally got a half decent politician in the role of president-elect, embarrassed that the orange orangutan can’t find grace in his exit, and beyond thrilled to have “madame” Vice President in office. This year has been beyond nuts, is almost over, and will bring on another that challenges to be just as crazy. Stay safe fellow humans! Cheers to Biden | Harris and a huge amen to all the young people, people of color, humans that realized that the scumbag must go, and every other person who voted against hate in this election. The world needs more joy, compassion, peace and understanding right now. The process prevailed and for that I am forever thankful.

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