Day 192 | The Covid Chronicles

Day 192. I absolutely never thought that we would go this far into this madness when I started this. I totally expected to have an opportunity to think out loud for a couple of months then end up back at work, at an amazing place with a very cool group of people. Yet here we are, over six months into this pandemic that will have affected so many lives by the time we manage to het a hold of it. In the middle of all of this craziness, an election and rising cases [again] are beyond what I think anyone imagined.

With that, factor in too much time to reflect on life, and goals, and self, and I have to say it’s been quite a ride. Thankfully this week has been one of firsts in many months. A full blown grocery run, gas, a week away with my favorite partner in crime [my son], being around humans, eating out [outdoors of course], and all other bits that remind me that when we need to – we make it happen. Some of it wouldn’t have, but blessings sometimes come in really strange disguises. Lu had to take a soccer break due to an injury which offered us the opportunity to get away together.

I’m reminded of how important spontaneity and a change of scenery are thanks to a chance to get away… write, body surf, hang out, vegetate, read, relax, converse with friends and simply break away from a nasty little routine thanks to our quarantine and a few other unexpected factors… Be safe fellow humans. We should get a pool together to see who predicts how long the Chronicles will go on. I bet it will be longer than any of us expected.

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