Day 176 | The Covid Chronicles

Fall has made a sneak attack on South Florida. The air is dryer, the temperatures almost bearable in the mornings and late afternoons, and there is a breeze – albeit warm – making the palm trees sway in the wind. The sunsets haven’t changed from the bright magentas of summer to the burnt oranges that really signal fall, but it’s been nice nonetheless. It’s a fleeting moment in time, as I’m sure the mugginess and rain will come back all too soon, but it’s a nice change of pace from the unbearable heat we have had most of the summer.

Today it’s officially six months since I walked out of work with my box and my plants. “It’s temporary.” However this version of temporary is starting to make me a bit weary of a return. This pandemic has been mis-managed, we are mis-informed, and I expect a new peak coming soon as quarantine fatigue sets in and people let their guards down. The anti-maskers and conspiracy crazies keep calling it a democratic lie, but as the global death toll hits over 200 thousand, it seems to me you have to be both blind and stupid to keep ignoring the ugly truth.

I realized yesterday that after decades of overworking and praying for some down time, this ugly virus gave me just that – while it took away the opportunity to do so many of the things I had hoped to do with a few free hours on my hands. I must admit I’m kind of over it. Six months in I can say I have had an overwhelming amount of time to read and watch some TV. I’ve gone on countless bike rides and reorganized my closet at least six times now, but holy shit I really didn’t think it would take this long for things to settle. What I realize is the hardest thing to swallow is that there is no end in sight. What so many of us had hoped would be a couple of months of forced R&R has become a vague a fuzzy cycle of more of the same. Those who are working worry about being exposed, and those who aren’t worry about income sources and trying to find work in a flooded job market.

For today I will enjoy the temperate (by Florida standards – mind you) weather and see what I will read next. Ugh.

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