Day 168 | The Covid Chronicles

As I sit at my dining room table, having left the comfort of the home office in hopes that my kid would have a better setting to do his online school, I am thinking I may have made a mistake. He is supposed to be actively in class right now, but I hear him singing his heart out, and testing his changing voice with some very random ‘cakau’ sounds. Not sure whether to laugh, or barge in there with a little bit of ‘crazy’ to scare him back into focusing on his studies.

At some point during this pandemic the kiddo has grown over an inch and I am now looking up at him, versus the other way around. Needless to say, if I don’t do ‘crazy’ when I need his attention – he just looks at me and laughs. He’s getting a kick out of his new perspective when speaking with mom, as well as his newly changing voice. My baby looks more like a little man than my baby these days, but every now and again he reminds me that there is no better place than in mom’s “bubble.” I had a lovely little shadow last night for almost an hour, and we were both just laughing like fools as I moved through the house during my bedtime routine.

Weather in Florida has been dreadful, although in no way comparable to what so many in our country our experiencing from mother nature right now. Covid numbers are looking promising – although while I’m not a conspiracy theory consumer, I don’t know that I trust we are getting the truth; I am fast approaching six months from my initial separation from work; the job hunt in a flooded market is a bit of a bear; and I have to admit I am kinda’ over it these days. Thank God for good books, bad TV, and amazing friends…

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