Day 156 | The Covid Chronicles

Never did I ever…

Expect to see so much hate rampant in our country with an inept leader at the helm.

Think I would be praying daily for transparency in an upcoming election.

Expect that this blog would still be going into day 156.

Think I would survive this new routine involving endless dishes, loads of laundry, and chihuahua sized hairballs swept out daily.

Realize that I would be so disappointed in some friends and family members for their lack of awareness of the critical and lasting damage of this administration.

Expect to be out of steady, full-time, work for over five months for something well beyond my control.

Plan to read almost a book a day just for some sanity among the quiet.

Realize just how much I looked forward to family dinner outings.

Expect that I would miss our way too expensive but so much fun family movie dates.

Think I would plan for arriving at a vacation rental with my Clorox and Lysol blazing while I re-cleaned everything I thought I might come in contact with.

Realize that despite the insanity of what is happening this truly was a much needed break after years of over-working and under-living.

Think that I could make three months of savings stretch well beyond that by hunkering down and being creative.

Think that my kid would so quickly become two inches taller than his mom.

Expect to miss time on the field watching my goalie – by choice.

Prepare to take joy in watching my propagated succulents develop roots and grow.

Plan to be so proud of my sad little garden, blooming beautifully from a few gifted cuttings, recycled soil, two potted plants from my deck garden, and a ton of faith and hard work.

Expect to be fearful of our futures, with distrust of statistical information and data reported during this pandemic.

Realize that the one early-morning visit to the beach each week would end up being the best therapy ever.

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