Day 127 | The Covid Chronicles

Lost track of times and days as a week of beach quarantine put us in a totally chill vibe. The ocean was a mess, but the company was grand. My creature had a blast fishing with his godmother and I enjoyed a few good books, a bike ride, and the salt in the air. Fortunately the place was great, the location even better, and our bubble humans the ultimate best.

Got back from our quarantine adventure well rested, and jumped right into a certification test for my role in HR. Happy to say that I passed a test that I had simply put off seemingly forever because I am not a great test taker. I had planned to take it, mostly to see what it was about so I could better plan my studies for a second attempt. Needless to say the pass was a pleasant surprise, and validated that after twenty years in the field, I am well versed in “my stuff.”

Still quarantining and trying to make the best of this crazy little world we are living in. Stay safe fellow humans.

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