Day 82 | The Covid Chronicles

What is happening in this crazy little world of ours? Thank goodness that I can always find some beauty in my garden. Were it not for the babies, be it the real one, the fur ones, or the green ones, I may not have made it through this merry mess. And of course the amazing friends that keep me going through gestures big and small.

I read most of my news, as TV is just not doing it for me these days. And every day there is something even more alarming than the day before… Whether it is our rising Covid numbers, our – I honestly can’t decide on an expletive – president, the constant attacks on free speech and unfortunate attacks on one another, it’s just sad. They say that times of great discomfort bring great growth… I pray that will be the case for this crazy little world we are living in.

Still blessed, still happy, still home, one year older…

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