Day 51 | The Covid Chronicles

Another Monday at home in the books. My friend said it best yesterday, the days are long but the weeks go by so quickly. I can’t believe the month is almost at its end. My kiddo has a milestone birthday coming up, and he is bummed that he will be stuck at home for it. Thank the universe for zoom and FB live and someones goofy idea for car parades. Now to figure out how to make it memorable and pleasant for the creature…

Unemployment site is still a hot mess, job hunting can be a bore, and no news continues to be good news in light of current events. Staying home, staying safe, staying calm… staying sane is questionable. LOL. Meanwhile, my glimpses into the news are somewhat depressing. Not only because of the astronomical numbers of impacted people and those who have passed resulting from this disease, but more so because of the level of ignorance that so many of my fellow Americans are exhibiting – some of them near and dear to my heart. Stay safe humans…

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