Day 47 | The Covid Chronicles

While the weather made mother’s day largely a bust. It was nice to hang out without much to do, with my boys. My poor husband is probably wondering why he decided to get me the gift that keeps on giving. Seems we will be at it for a couple of days in order to get them all in the ground.

Out trip to the nursery was lovely, yet our planting plans went out the window with the rain on Sunday. So poor thing has spent two days, after work, helping me with the dirty work. He’s concerned about pattern and order, defined levels, etc. while I am having fun haphazardly planting things where I think they will look nice once they grow in. No defined order, just balance.

I love that most of what we have used has come from plants I have either propagated from cuttings or seeds. He has other ideas. I love the random shape and color patterns that I see in my vision for it. He is concerned that it’s looking like one hot mess. I guess we will wait for the rains to come and hopefully help them take root and flourish. We shall see…

#blessed #lovemymessygarden #itscomingtogether

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