Day 46 | The Covid Chronicles

Another day in paradise. Woke up, as usual, and read a bit of the news and I must say – humans can be ridiculous. I understand we are all doing our best at this adulting business, but really? I read of a man throwing things at a cashier, another wiping snot on a person when asked to wear a mask, and continue to see countless people who are blatantly ignoring guidance for preventing the spread of this disease. Hello! Humans!!! Can’t we do a bit better than this?

I really and truly think that this lovely little clusterfuck we are in will ultimately take a village to deal with – but the village idiots are on fire. And yes, it’s scary. And yes, people are frustrated with poor aide handling and having to give up some of our liberties; however, I honestly don’t understand where their heads are at. I find those face coverings highly obnoxious, (they make me feel very claustrophobic for some reason), yet I still do my due diligence and suffer through it when I need to go out. Do I really want to? No. Do I realize it’s the right thing and suck it up? Of course.

Amazing how ignorant and entitled people can be. Unfortunately the amount of misinformation and poor attitudes taken on by many in public leadership positions are setting poor examples and adding fuel to the frenzy of idiots out there behaving badly. It’s not about my rights… It’s about our lives and taking care of ourselves and those around us…

#adultingishard #idiotsabound #fueltothefire #ittakesavillage #bekindmorons

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