Day 45 | The Covid Chronicles

Liquid sunshine. Yes, we are the sunshine state. Yes, it is an amazing place to live. Yes, there is one often overlooked fact that we keep to ourselves: it is liquid sunshine a lot of the year. Interestingly enough, this year we have not had our usual rainfall so we are currently under a water restriction but today was the exception to the last few weeks. It rained ALL DAY. So much for my mother’s day gardening.

At seeing the weather, the gardening quickly became lounging, with few other options for the day. We each went to see our mom’s and literally did nothing more than binge watch some new amazon original and go for a walk. Wait, there was actually one productive task accomplished – we organized the kitchen drawers. Isn’t it amazing how much random stuff gets collected? I was kind of in awe of the crap that I had kept through the years.

Yes, I am more of the keeper of things in our house. Reasons such as, ‘we may need it’ or ‘it’s not broken, maybe someone can use it’ abound. That’s a product of a simple upbringing where there wasn’t a lot of “extra” which led to taking special care of the special things you were able to get. Somewhere along the way more fell into that category I guess… Needless to say, while it was not the most eventful mother’s day it was nice to spend time with my boys and the fur-balls.

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