Day 37 | The Covid Chronicles

Still home and safe. Today was a shitshow of a day… tech support, handy person, cook and mom – all while trying to make progress with my kitchen project. BTW, why did no one tell me I was loony bins for even starting with that insanity. It’s coming along nicely, but oh my word.

If that was my sole point of focus it would give me the opportunity to work quietly and mindfully at something I can do well. Only thing is, with the hubby at home and the creature in meltdown mode (I did mention tech support already right?), it was a bear of a day. Speaking of bears, I found my new binge for the coming week. It’s called ‘His Dark Materials’ and it is super interesting thus far. The sets and costumes are amazing, and that bear… it stole the show.

Oh! And I almost forgot the coolest part of my week. The fireflies are back! In actuality what we have in south Florida is a bioluminescent click beetle, aka cucuyo in “Cuban”. I still feel like a kid when I see them and have been waiting for them to arrive for at least two weeks now. My son is the cucuyo whisperer. I see them and he catches them and they just hang out until he places them back in the bushes. He reminded me that he is still 12 last night when he jumped out of bed upon hearing they were back. Makes my heart smile on my bear of a day.

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