Day 36 | The Covid Chronicles

Oh boy… What did I get myself into. My kitchen is by no means a large kitchen. It’s a decent size. It took a good amount of time to scrub cabinets and take down doors, and now I realize there is a project within the project. With such a clean view of the insides, seems like there is some spring cleaning to do. Amazing how much gets accumulated over time, with a tuck here and a stack there.

And when you are looking at a little bit at a time, it’s no big deal. But oh Nelly! Major overhaul required. I’m definitely getting kicked out of the house this week. Luckily, and for once, I have time on my side! Maybe David will hold on the eviction if I manage to get this thing done by Sunday. Pray for me people…

#kitchenadventures #homeimprovement #homesafe #springcleaning #prayforme

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