Day 35 | The Covid Chronicles

Day 1 of kitchen cabinets project and my husband has not kicked me out of the house yet. That’s a good sign considering the house smelled of vinegar and the doors and drawers are without knobs. I expect the situation will get precarious once the sanding begins… not sure what I got myself into, but I should be done by Sunday barring any unforeseen issues and assuming I don’t run out of paint.

Went to check on the folks today and made out like a bandit. I came home with over ten new ‘babies’ to add to the garden. Unfortunately my succulent babies did not do well in the afternoon sun so I brought them inside in hopes they will recover. If not, I will have to try again.

I must admit that the gift of time is the most precious of all. I get to hang with my boy, catch up on things that I have been wanting to get done for months, move more every day, and sometimes just stop and relax for a while. Truly blessed to be home.

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