Day 34 | The Covid Chronicles

Amazed at the fact that it has been this long and my son and I haven’t killed each other yet. I have to say, I have very much enjoyed hanging out with him this month. Some very much needed time for us. Today a new member of the tribe entered our stratosphere for about a week. My husband is working from home. As a result, I now have a new cube mate.

You would think I am the twelve year old, being that I have more than enjoyed making faces at him across the table while he was doing his online learning. I think tomorrow I may throw some stress balls or rubber sumo wrestlers or some other goofy items and see how he handles those.

Despite some early morning technical drama, the hubby is doing well. I know, give it time, it’s only day one – lol. Happy he’s home safe with us, even if just for a week.

#blessed #thankful #cutecolleague #stillhome

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