Day 33 | The Covid Chronicles

The Covid Crazy continues with a redo of our back garden and some succulent baby-making, including countless trips up and down a ladder to trim our clusias. OMG! I am so sore from yesterday I am worried about tomorrow – the second day is always worse. It feels good to accomplish as much as we have in a weekend, but oh am I not twenty anymore!

A bike ride today presented an interesting outing where for the first time in a while, there wasn’t a soul out on the road. It was a lovely ride on a cloudy day in a neighborhood that is usually great for biking, but I must say that not seeing ANYONE out walking or biking or “projecting” was really surprising. It’s good to know that folks are doing their part to stay home and stay safe.

A much needed thunderstorm wrapped the afternoon in a nice cool breeze, and gave my newly re-planted babies some much needed H20. I hope they make it! And I hope my very sore muscles cooperate as I start my kitchen project this week.

#staysafe #stayhome #bewell

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