Day 32 | The Covid Chronicles

As luck would have it, when I was ready to start big project number three, my husband gets the news that his office is closed. This presents a teeny weeny little problem. I am ok with the disaster that comes with home improvement projects. Not really. But I keep my eye on the finish line and that helps me ignore the disaster until it is time to clean it up. This particular project will likely take Luca and I about 4 days to complete. We are refinishing my kitchen cabinets [gasp!] – I know… Crazy. We can call it the Covid Crazy, usually setting in shortly after week four. I’ll let you know how it turns out and I promise I won’t forget the before and afters.

Today was big project number two. For reference, number one was last weekend, where with the help of my gemini brother from another mother my husband ripped out our old rotted out front porch landing, and landed me a nice little slab of concrete. Not fancy, but safe and practical and clean. Today [hopefully] Luca learned how to make a lot from almost nothing. We took a few cuttings and potted plants from my deck, and with some hard work and a little love dressed up my front garden a bit.

We have aloe, a friend of agave and its babies, a few pretty little shrubs and some bulbs that will hopefully grant us a few surprises around Mother’s Day. An invasive little purple and green guy – and many of his offspring – round out our colors well and should do a splendid job of filling in some of the gaps in a few weeks. With that and some of my succulent babies, all we will need is some rock and some mulch, and maybe a few new babies, and the front of our home will look much better than before. I will blame the neglect on too much work and soccer – both of which I must admit I miss – albeit one more than the other. I continue to be beyond thankful for this slower pace and the time to work on some of our bigger projects together.

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